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All About Managing Behavior Issues In Yorkshire Terriers

It's Important To Get Behaviour Issues Sorted Out Fast!

The Yorkshire Terrier, developed as a working farm dog, is not deliberately misbehaving with barking, toilet and separation issues.

It doesn't lay awake thinking of how to destroy the kitchen garbage cans and towels the next day.

His acting out frustration is the inability to figure out how to fit into our world - and often his owners’ frustration in not being able to teach their new pup basic house manners.

It doesn't have to be a battle! Simply look at it from the dog’s point of view.

You're trapped, alone and bored - can bark, chew or try to get out and find the leader.

Although he no longer has to hunt for food nor do a full day's work on the farm your Teacup Yorkshire Terrier still retains the instincts of his ancestors and even more of his species.

His role in our life has changed from exterminator to pet and with it our expectations of what this dog breed should be like.

What hasn't changed is his perception of our world, which can be confusing for a little dog! When you consider the world from the view of small dog it's a very different place.

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Remember dogs very much live in the moment.

The idea of time and 3 hours ago or tonight isn't real to them - right now matters.

When he misbehaves it is usually caused by a lack of one or all of four things - activity, understanding, boundaries and training.

Ten hours alone and away from his leader is frightening - what if you don't return? In his mind you're "hunting" without him.

He finds other things to do to express his frustration - chewing on things or digging at the door.

He knocks over the garbage can in the kitchen and the smell of food distracts him for a gleeful hunt for anything edible.

He finds none but makes quite a mess before he determines none exists.

He hears you approach and his excitement goes into overdrive - he's happy to see you and eager to play and catch up on the day and instead of being happy you're displeased and swat him with a newspaper.

What are new puppies to do? It's up to us, as humans, to look at the world through their eyes and try to make it more comfortable for them to live in.

Look for the easy solutions.

If your pup is bored find ways to keep him busy, not just physically but mentally.

A good teacup Yorkie is a tired one - with regular exercise with his leader there's less pent up frustration.

He goes for a walk with you and a little play time, then to his "den" in his crate.

He has chew toys and soft toys and a "Kong" stuffed with peanut butter to keep him busy figuring out how to get it out of there.

His mind is occupied and he barely notices you leave.

As his day wears on he tires himself out and takes a nice long nap.

He wakes up, plays with his toys some more and chews on them until you come home.

Teacup Yorkies love time with their owners.

He's now rested and excited to see you! He immediately is taken to the fenced yard to do his business while you change clothes - then gets to take a walk with you again.

He gets his meal and knows when he has to go (in about four hours) you'll let him out to do so then once more before curling up to sleep.

All is right in this new puppy’s world as he gets his needs met, not with clothes and fancy beds that humans think are cute but in things that make sense to him.

Exercise, discipline, structure.

He's a confident, loveable, household pet because he knows he can rely on certain things to happen on a regular basis.

He gets discipline as well as praise but naturally wants the praise so repeats those things that earn it.

Realize that Teacup Yorkies are first and foremost dogs, with dog instincts and thoughts.

He can't act like a human or react like a human, although many put human names to his actions.

Our world of words and emotion is confusing and inconsistent for the many puppies that inhabit it! Their instincts don't change and when we consider for a moment their view, we realize it takes little time and expense to make our loveable pets much happier dogs.

I will be back with some more tips soon.

All the best.


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