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Housebreaking Yorkshire Terriers All About Crate Training


Having a Yorkshire terrier puppy is something to be very excited about. They are amazing dogs and they are great companions. If you are going to get along well though you need to learn about training them.

There are certain things you need to be able to count on your Yorkie doing correctly.

One of them is where to use the bathroom. Housebreaking any new pup is going to require you to be consistent. It is going to take some work but it will be worth it once your dog catches on.

One of the most effective methods to use is called crate training. It is very humane and one both you and your puppy can adapt to.

You will find Yorkshire terriers are very intelligent so once they understand what you expect from them they will be willing to do their business in that manner.

Housebreaking can be a nightmare though if you don't go about it in the right way. With these tips you will be able to accomplish your goal of housebreaking your new pup in a positive manner.

During the process of housebreaking you need to be patient. Even if the dog is doing well, an accident may occur now and then. Rather than punishing your dog for it, you should reward them when they use the bathroom in the correct location.

This type of positive reinforcement will work better than any punishment you can offer when an accident does occur.

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One of the reasons why crate training is so effective for housebreaking puppies is due to the fact that they instinctively don't want to use the bathroom in their living quarters.

You want to have a crate for your puppy to live in that gives them enough room to be comfortable, but not enough that they feel they can use the bathroom in one area of it.

When you first introduce the puppy to the crate, you want to sit with them so they won't wine or be afraid. Leave the door open and place a treat inside for them to go get.

You should also place a familiar blanket or toy inside of the crate as well. Each time your puppy goes into the crate on their own you want to praise them for the good behavior. Don't say anything at all when they come out of it.

To get your puppy to understand the concept of the crate you want to call it by name when it goes into it. For example say "Dolly, you went into the crate. Good girl".

You are going to have to take the puppy out of the crate to the place where you want them to use the bathroom. Make sure you do this often enough to prevent as many accidents as possible from occurring. Each time your pup successfully uses the bathroom in the right place you want to praise them and play with them.

Once you are confident that your new puppy fully understands what is expected, you can start to wean them from the crate. If they have accidents often though you may need to introduce it again.

Make sure you always praise them for doing well and ignore the behavior when they make mistakes.

This will help them to feel happy and secure. If they are punished for accidents they may get confused. This is because the punishment won't always immediately follow the accident and so they don't link the two events together.

Housebreaking Yorkshire terriers in this manner is effective as long as you are consistent. Putting the effort into it though will help ensure the relationship the two of you form is one you both enjoy.


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