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Tips for Housebreaking Yorkshire Terriers

There are many fun and simple things about Yorkshire terriers. Unfortunately housebreaking them is not one of these.

Unfortunately, Yorkshire terrier puppies are among the hardest dog breeds to housebreak. You are going to have to decide if that is something you are willing to do.

When you look at pictures of these dogs, you see that they are cute and loveable. You may be picturing what you will do together and even outfits you will buy for it. Yet you don’t think about the process of cleaning up from accidents your new dog may have around the house.

This is the downside to Yorkshire terriers when they are puppies. Some owners will only buy adults so they don’t have to mess with that process.

Housebreaking any pup, but particularly this breed, isn’t going to be a picnic, but it can be accomplished. If you are prepared from the start about it being difficult you will have a better chance of getting through it without becoming frustrated.

Taking your time to learn some of the various tips to help you with housebreaking a new dog is also wise. This should be done before you start looking for one to buy.

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You need to understand that they aren’t having accidents in order to make things difficult for you. It isn’t in their nature to be hardheaded like that.

It is just something genetic about their breed that makes it harder for them to get this connection. With that being said, you need to be compassionate when they do have accidents.

You never want to hit your dog if it does have an accident in your home. This will make your dog afraid of you as well as confused about what is expected from it.

You do want to give it plenty of love and attention when it does things properly. It will quickly learn that this pleases you and continue to do so.

Keep a good eye on your Yorkshire terrier during housebreaking. If you see that he or she is starting to go don’t let them finish. Instead, stop them immediately, take them outside and let them finish there.

You will then want to praise them for finishing their business in the designated area. You will find that dogs who are left alone often have the hardest time with being housebroken. This is because the constant reinforcement is missing.

Make sure you completely clean up the mess inside where your dog uses the bathroom. If the scent of it lingers there is a very good indication this will attract them to do the act in that spot again.

There are some very good cleaners you can use that are also safe for your pup and gentle to use on your carpets.

Crate training is the most effective method according to researchers for housebreaking any puppy. This is a process you can easily incorporate for a low cost.

However, you need to get your dog used to the crate first to alleviate any anxiety it may have about going in there.

Yorkshire terriers are wonderful dogs to have around. They can be a part of your home for a good 10-15 years depending on their health. Don’t let the fact that they can be difficult to housebreak prevent you from all the other good things they offer.

If you understand what needs to be done and go about it the right way it will be something you can get through before you know it.


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