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Take Additional Precautions with Miniature Yorkshire Terriers

Miniature Yorkshire terriers
are extremely small and so you need to take extra precautions with them. They are definitely cute and fun to have around but they can get into trouble fast.

For example they can fall out of your arms, off of furniture, and even get stepped on. All of these scenarios you want to avoid because they could very seriously injure your dog.

They are commonly referred to as teacup Yorkie puppies and you can be sure they are going to cost a great deal of money. You definitely don't want to see your dog injured in anyway. In addition, you don't want to see all of that money going down the drain.

There are many Yorkies websites out there that talk about all of these precautions. That way you will be very prepared when you are taking one home.

Even if you plan to carry your Yorkie around most of the time, get it used to wearing a collar. This way you can keep a leash on it.

Should your Yorkie jump out of your arms to go after something you will have that leash with you to bring it back. You don't want it to get stepped on by someone or attacked by another dog.

It is very common for owners to take their miniature Yorkshire terriers in the car with them. You may want to buy a Yorkie car seat to help keep yours safe. These are very simple to install and very effective. Your pet will have a harness to keep it in place.

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This means it won't be going all over the vehicle while you drive which can be extremely distracting. They are very comfortable and should you get into a crash you will increase the chances of your Yorkie being just fine.

Since miniature Yorkshire terriers are so small they can easily get under your feet. Have a small kennel at home you can keep them in when you need to. This can also be a good option for the car instead of the car seat if you wish.

The health care of miniature Yorkshire terriers is extremely important. Make sure you work with a quality vet for preventative care.

You also want to be paying attention to changes in behaviors or eating patterns that may warrant additional visits. Since these dogs are so small it can be very hard on them to give birth naturally.

Breeding of the females is often kept to once per year. For the males it is usually taking place twice a year.

These statistics are half of what the breeding norms are for the larger Yorkshire terriers. This is another reason why it costs so much more for miniature Yorkshire terriers than the slightly larger ones.

Yorkshire terrier haircuts are an issue you need to be prepared for as well. If you don't keep them properly groomed then they can have health problems.

The hair can get tangled up in the areas where they exhibit bodily functions. As a result there could be feces full of bacteria found on their hair. This can result in parasites or more serious medical problems arising.

Do all you can to keep your miniature Yorkshire terriers as safe as possible. Anticipate anything that could possibly happen to them.

This way you can eliminate some of the possible outcomes that you won't want to have take place. Read information online so you can learn from the mistakes and misfortunes of others who have owned miniature Yorkshire terriers.


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