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The Best Ways To Buy A Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

A teacup Yorkshire terrier is extremely small in size. It won't get any heavier than five pounds. They are gorgeous dogs and really fun to have around. People often carry them around like small children so they don't get stepped on.

They are so light that it really isn't any big deal to do so. This breed of dog loves all that touching and personal attention too. In fact, they seem to thrive the more interaction with humans they have.

When you are looking at this kind of breed you want to be able to see both parents if possible. This way you can see with your own eyes the anticipated size you will end up with.

This is important as you will pay three or four times the amount of money for a teacup Yorkshire terrier as you will one that can be as heavy as seven pounds when full grown.

Some people out there will therefore attempt to sell you a regular type of this breed under the assumption that you are getting a teacup. If you aren't able to see the parents then you need to make sure they are trustworthy with what they offer.

A written contract that has stipulations about the size and other important details is essential. If the seller isn't willing to offer you some type of warranty in writing concerning it then you shouldn't proceed with the purchase.

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If you can't afford to buy one from a breeder then you do have an alternative. You may find the process to adopt this puppy to be time consuming and lengthy.

Yet you have to appreciate the fact that they are simply looking to ensure each of them ends up going to a quality home. They only have the best interest of each pup as their main priority.

Don't be surprised when you go to buy this dog if they ask you to share your knowledge of the breed. They want to be sure you are going to be able to care for it properly.

Too many people want this type of dog due to the way it looks and even the value of it. That isn't reason enough to adopt one though as you will be surprised at just how much work they can be.

Ongoing attention to their diet, their grooming, and their behavior is required. They are also very difficult to potty train and they need you to have plenty of interaction with them. They can make great pets if you can meet all of these needs.

If you aren't sure though or you know you won't have enough time you should refrain from buying one from any source.

It can be heartbreaking to have to give your puppy up after you have grown attached to it. Yet that is what many responsible owners do when they know they can't commit to properly caring for it.

They turn it over to a dog shelter because they do care and they do want it to have a great home with someone who can care for it correctly.

There are a few very good ways to go about buying this breed. They include working with a well known breeder and by adopting from a shelter.

You need to be careful of those individuals out there stating that they are selling these smaller types of dog. They may be honest but they may be scamming you in order to get more money for the dog.


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