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Understanding The Needs Of Miniature Yorkshire Terriers

If you are interested in miniature Yorkshire terriers then you need to understand the basics about them. Most people assume they are a distinct breed but they aren't.

They have been made possible by breeders of the Yorkshire terrier only using the smallest of the breed to produce offspring.

As a result these smaller puppies end up with a full grown weight of between 3 -5 pounds. A regular terrier is between 5 -7 pounds.

It may not seem like much of a difference where numbers are concerned but you can tell when you compare two of them side by side in person or in pictures.

This has always been a breed of dog in high demand. Breeders know they won't have any trouble at all selling the offspring. Yet the smaller pups aren't as high in numbers.

That means they can charge much more for them and make profits that are higher than with an ordinary breed.

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Due to their smaller size, you need to be extremely careful with this type of dog. They can easily get hurt due to their small size.

They may be dropped or stepped on and that can create quite a bit of injury to them. It can even result in their death if the impact is powerful enough.

It is important to never place this pup where it will have to leap to get down. It may be more adventurous than its body is really cut out for. You also don't want it to accidentally fall off of the edge of a bed, couch, or other high piece of furniture where it can result in an injury.

Should any of these events occur you want to take your pup immediately to the veterinarian. Even if it seems fine there may be internal injuries that you aren't aware of.

They don't eat very much but they do need access to food a couple of times per day.

You want to offer them premium dog food from the time they are small. This way they will be accustomed to it and not expect other foods that you are consuming in front of them.

Since they don't eat very much, it is essential for their overall health that they eat right. If this dog is filling up on foods that aren't good for him or her they won't get the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need. Offer either a mix of soft and dry quality food or just dry food for them.

You want to be sure you have plenty of time to dedicate to your pup as well. The smaller breeds seem to require more interaction and personal attention.

They won't do well at all if you leave them alone for very long. This isn't a breed of dog you can turn loose for 8 or 10 hours a day while you are at work.

It comes equipped with a shrill bark that it is known to exercise quite often. Make sure you aren't going to become easily annoyed with this!

It may simmer down some as the dog gets older. However, they will continue to do it when they are full grown if they are excited or when they encounter new people.


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