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Information About Adopting A Yorkshire Terrier


When you want a Yorkshire terrier, the process for adopting one is quite different to getting it from a breeder or private individual. In the latter case it really comes down to whether or not you have the money they are asking for the dog.

Many of the best breeders are selective about owners but for the most part they don't screen people who want one too carefully. With adoptions however, the process is quite different. These dogs have ended up at a shelter for a variety of reasons. They have been evaluated to determine their overall health. If they need treatment or even a change in diet then they are taken care of and monitored at the shelter.

It is only after they are in good health and thriving that they are placed on the list for adoption to take place.

Many individuals approach a shelter to adopt the dog they want as that is the only way they can afford to get such a dog. A micro teacup Yorkie, for example, can cost several thousands of dollars.

However that is not what you would pay for it at a shelter. The cost will be significantly reduced and it will be much more affordable.

A break down of the costs assessed will usually be provided by the shelter. Some rescue centers charge a higher price for breeds such at the Yorkshire terrier because they know they can make a great deal of money from them.

This helps to offset the expenses relating to operating such a business. Those expenses include room and board, medical care, and the adoption process and paperwork that are required.

If you are interested in a teacup Yorkie, they aren't as much as the micros but still quite costly. You may be able to adopt one of them from a shelter as well.

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This is a breed of dog that is high in demand so there are often more people ready to take them home than the number available. That means the adoption process can be more selective in order to ensure that each of them goes to a very good home. They don't want to see them neglected or simply not getting the care and attention that this breed requires.

The specific process will be different for each agency so you will need to find out where to start. You can go to the shelter in person or submit an application online for most of them.

They will ask you information about your family, your home, your income, and your lifestyle. They need to determine if you will be responsible enough to provide the care required for one of these pups.

If you have a fenced in yard and you are home a great deal of the time you will be favorable. Families with small children are questionable though, as it is very possible for the children to accidentally hurt such a small dog.

They will also ask you why you want one. This way they can determine who has the best interests of the animal in mind, rather than just wanting one because it is cute.

Some locations require you to complete a class too. This is information about how to properly care for this breed. They want to make sure all potential applicants understand what they will be getting involved with.

You may not always be able to find out the background of a dog that is up for adoption at a shelter. However with the right information you will be able to decide if that is something you want.


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