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Selecting Hair Styles for Your Yorkie

leaf It is all up to you when it comes to the hair styles for your Yorkie. Some owners prefer to have very long hair that they can trim neatly. Others want to have the hair short and even shaved off in many areas.

They find it makes the grooming process much easier for them. When it comes to little pups, grooming is essential due to the fine hair that they have. It also tends to grow very long which can end up tangled if you don't get keep up with it.

Some people will tell you there are some ugly pups out there due to the hair styles they are sporting. It is all a matter of personal taste though so you don't limit yourself by what other people think.

You can look at pictures to decide with haircut for pup you want to try out. You aren't limited to the same one over and over again either. You can choose what is going to fit the personality of your pup.

Before you decide to cut a pup consider the environment they are in. Their hair doesn't keep them as warm as the hair on other breeds of dogs.

Therefore it wouldn't be very comfortable for them to be in a cold climate and to get all their hair shaved off. If you are worried about them being too cold with the type of hair style you give them make sure they have some warm clothing you can layer on them.

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From the time your pet is in puppy grooming session is something you need to pay attention to. The first few times they are getting clipped they may be nervous about the process. In time though they will come to see it as just another part of their routine.

You can have a professional do the work or you can choose to do it yourself. If you hire a professional then make sure they are qualified. Ask them how often they cut the hair on a pup. Ask to see pictures of the styles they have created for this particular breed of dog as well.

If you want to do the job yourself you can with the right tools. You will need to purchase a grooming kit completely with the clippers.

You aren't going to be an expert the first time you use them so be ready for a few mistakes to occur. Work on the basics and then you can learn more advanced techniques.

You can get plenty of ideas about grooming your pup from pictures in books and online. You can also be creative and develop hair styles that are of your own creation.

This is a great way to have some fun with the process. It will also save you money because it can become quite an expense to take your pup to the groomer all the time to keep up on it.

There is no right or wrong hair style for your pup though so don't be afraid to try something new. The only place where you can go wrong is if you aren't paying enough attention to their overall grooming needs.

Then you will find it is extremely hard to either brush your little pup or to trim the hair due to the masses of hair that are bunched together.



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