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Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Tips

Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier.

Because a Yorkie has long hair that needs to be cared for and brushed, it is important that you keep your dog bathed and groomed on a consistent basis. When your pet is clean, it will feel better and stay healthier. The goal is to make bath time fun and not a frightening time.

Bath Time

Your pup should be bathed on a regular basis, generally once a month would suffice. However, if you use your pup for show, you would be on a much different schedule. The best thing is to begin bathing your pup when it is a few months old to help it become accustomed to the water.

To begin, make sure that you have everything you need to bathe your pet so you do not have to turn away, leaving it in the water alone. This would include the shampoo and conditioner, brush and comb, the towel, and cotton swabs or balls to clean the ears.

Then, you can use your bathtub or kitchen sink, filling it with no more than six inches of warm water. Remember, little dogs can be squirmy during bath time so be sure you stay close. After getting your dog wet, add the shampoo, working away from the head toward the hind end, which helps keep shampoo and conditioner out of the eyes and ears.

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Rinse well and then add the conditioner, again working down toward the hind end. Finally, rinse thoroughly, making sure all of the conditioner is out. One of the best ways to do this is by using a large cup or plastic glass that can be filled with water and then poured gently over your pup.

While some pups need time to adjust to getting a bath, most will find it to be very relaxing and enjoyable. For this reason, the safer you can make the experience, the easier it will be to bathe your pet.

What Shampoo?

You should choose shampoo that has the right pH balance. See your local pet shop for a specific pet shampoo which is gentle and will not burn the eyes if you accidentally get some in your dog's eyes.

Again, because this kind of pup has such long hair, it is important that you also use conditioner. You need a gentle brand developed for dogs, one that will help with tangles and a conditioner that leaves your pup smelling fresh and clean.


Have one towel placed on the floor and another fluffy towel to use for wrapping your pup up. After you have finished washing the dog, try to push as much water toward the hind end as possible and then carefully lift your pet out of the water, placing it on the towel you placed on the floor.

Then quickly, take the fluffy towel and wrap your pet up, gently rubbing to remove any excess water. The goal is to towel the dog off as much as you can with just the towel.

If you give your pet a bath in the cooler months, you might consider investing in a dog dryer like the one pictured to the right, which can be placed on the side of a cage or kennel.

With this, once you have towel dried your pup, set it inside the cage or kennel on another dry towel and turn the dryer on to let the warm air complete the drying process.

If you do not have a dog dryer, you can use a regular blow dryer but make sure you set it on warm and never allow the nozzle to get too close to your pet. In addition, rather than just hold the blow dryer in one position keep the nozzle moving constantly to avoid burns.

Once your pet's hair is completely dry, you will need to brush and/or comb it out. When brushing, be sure you get the underside to avoid the hair matting. When done, place a pretty bow in the hair and give your pet lots of loving and a small treat.

I will be back with some more tips soon.

All the best.


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