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Taking Good Care of your Yorkie to Prevent Health Problems

leaf Understanding how to take care of your pup is extremely important. Don't assume that you know the basics because you have had other pets before.

There are some specific needs that these little pups have. If you are going to own one then you need to be responsible.

You should feel obligated to take care of your pup in the manner that it needs so they can be as happy and healthy as possible.

If you are familiar with the breed at all you already know that dog health problems are common. They can be something as simple as allergies to something severe that requires ongoing medication or surgery.

If you are going to own this breed of dog then you need to be prepared for whatever could possibly take place during their life time in regards to their health.

Even when you buy from a quality breeder, dog health problems may still be a concern. Many of them can't be detected when they are puppies or even when the breeder is considering who to mate.

It is simply a risk you must be willing to assume if you want to have the companionship of a pup.

Tracheal collapse in little pup is a common concern as it is with many breeds of small dogs. This occurs after the tracheal rings have been weakened over a period of time.

Some symptoms that your pup may be suffering from it include severe coughing that comes on when the dog is excited or getting exercise. They may become uninterested in playing and running around because they get short on breath.

In some instances the dog passes out for short spans of time due to a lack of oxygen.

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If it is diagnosed early though, the vet can help you to take care of it. Depending on the stage it is in when diagnosed, antibiotics may be required to take care of it.

Sometimes steroids are necessary as a more aggressive type of treatment. If the dog is overweight your vet will encourage you to help reduce the excess so your pup can breathe easier.

This can prove to be a difficult task though because the more your little pup does exercise the harder it will be for them to breath. You may need to modify what they eat as well as the amount to see weight loss results in this situation.

When tracheal collapse in dogs, and isn't diagnosed early though it can become out of control. Your dog may end up needing to have surgery.

Any type of surgery on a dog comes with risks. Yet that risk is more significant for Yorkies due to the fact that their bodies don't do well with anesthesia.

Even with early treatment surgery may be necessary if the dog isn't responding to it. Your dog can take up to four months to fully recuperate from such a surgery if there aren't any complications.

Do your part to keep your pup as healthy as possible. From the time it is a pup you should be working with a well qualified veterinarian in order to do so.

This means being committed to attending regular appointments for checkups. If you notice any changes in the behaviors of your little pup then you need to contact your vet so they can look into it.

Don't wait until the next regular check up to let them know what is taking place.


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