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Understanding the Yorkies Heat Cycle so they can Conceive Easily

leaf Understanding a dogs' heat cycle is important if you are attempting to help her conceive. You will need to be able to recognize a dog in heat.

This is the prime time when they are able to conceive. There are some signs that may occur and if you are aware of them you can be prepared.

For example she may not have control of her bladder as before. She will be urinating more often as this is the way that the internal organs are cleansed when she is in heat.

Many owners report that their pet is very loving and affectionate while in their heat cycle. They will curl up and nuzzle in order to get your attention.

This is also a way for them to feel more secure. She may run around often and not be her usual self as far as sleep patterns.

Changes in eating habits occur as well.

A dog's heat cycle generally lasts about three weeks. If you are attempting to get her pregnant then you want her to be in contact with the chosen male as often as possible during that span of time.

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This will give you the best chance of conception. If you do not want your pet to become pregnant at this time you will need to keep her away from all male, so that it doesn't occur by accident.

A Yorkshire terrier newborn puppy is very cute and they are in high demand. Many people want their female to become pregnant so they can sell the puppies.

The thought is often that the money earned from selling those puppies can offset the money they had to pay initially for their pet dog.

However, the majority of these breed of dogs that are sold come from breeders. The majority of them are dedicated to offering quality puppies at an affordable cost.

They take the time to do their research and they match mates as best they can. They need to have a solid understanding of the dog's heat cycle to make this work.

If they don't get puppies growing in the females then they won't be able to make any money.

If you want the best possible chance of your little pup becoming pregnant you need to understand her heat cycle. If she doesn't get pregnant as expected after a few times you will want to have the vet evaluate to see if there are medical concerns preventing it.

You need to be very careful though when it comes to how often you allow a female dog to conceive.

Since they are such small dogs they often have trouble giving birth on their own. Each pregnancy is different and so there can be complications that arise even if she has had simple pregnancies and deliveries before.

Keep in mind that anesthesia is something that these small dogs don't do well with. Should she need a cesarean delivery it can be extremely dangerous for her.

You will find that reputable breeders are well aware of such concerns. They also don't want to contribute to the many health issues of little dogs.

Therefore if they know a female has some health issues that can be passed on to the pups or that can affect her health during a pregnancy they won't allow her to conceive. This isn't the case though with those operating puppy mills.

They continue to breed them as quickly as they can to benefit from the profits as they sell the puppies.


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