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Understanding Kennel Cough in your Yorkshire Terrier

leaf A small breed of dog and kennel cough isn't something you want to mess around with. It is the result of a type of bacterial infection that they can rapidly spread to each other.

The scientific name for it is Tracheobronchitis. You will find that those who have had it in the past six months likely don't get it when it goes around again in that time frame.

However, they will likely get it again after that short period of immunity.
If you are raising these small breed of puppies you don't want them to get sick with kennel cough. It can be a very serious health concern and it can prevent you from being able to sell them.

It will affect adult dogs too though if they aren't protected. This illness is serious and it makes the dogs very ill. They may become weak, not eat well, and some even die due to various complications.

The verdict is still out about the use of antibiotics to treat it. Some vets readily offer them to help the dog recover much faster.

They may also offer pain killers so that the dog won't be so uncomfortable. Others vets are hesitant to do so as they know the dog will build up a resistance to antibiotics from using them.

They want to reserve prescribing them for another time should a more serious health concern arise.

However, it has been an issue that sometimes the pup will develop pneumonia from this cough. This can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.

The use of antibiotics early on will prevent this from happening. So it can sometimes be offered by the vet just as a precaution to offset further health concerns.

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A common treatment is to use a small dose of cough suppressant to offer some relief. If you can get a supplement of Vitamin C into their system, that will help them as well.

If the Yorkshire terrier is kept indoors you should run a humidifier as well to offer them some relief. Generally it will be gone in about two weeks depending on the overall health of the dog.

You should allow a vet to determine if your pup has cough or not. Some common signs are coughing which may sound like choking, discharge from the nose, and a buildup of discharge in the corners of the eyes.

If you believe so it is best to isolate that particular dog from any others you may have. That way you can help to reduce the number of them that do end up with it.

There is a vaccination for kennel cough that should be looked at if you are a Yorkshire terrier breeder. This way you don't have to worry about it being a health concern among your sires, dams, and their offspring.

This particular vaccination will need to be given once a year to be able to effectively protect them from this illness.

Since a dog and cough don't make a good match, you may want to vaccinate your dog as a precaution. They can get it from being around other breeds of dogs and you don't want to take that chance.

Never take your pup to a place for boarding without it. If you love to take them with you to public places or enter them in dog shows it is encouraged that you get them that vaccination annually.


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