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Have Some Fun Choosing Cute Yorkie Names

leaf Have some fun selecting Yorkie names for your pets. You want it to be something you won't soon grow tired of though. Chances are you are going to be spending a great deal of time with your Yorkie dog.

You also expect it to be around for years so you want the name to be something you are very happy with. You also want it to be easy for other people to pronounce.

This way your Yorkie dog can quickly learn to recognize its own name. It will help with the bonding process. It also will help you with training your Yorkie dog to do a variety of things.

There are many Yorkshire terrier names that have significant meaning behind them so take the time to find out what they mean before you select it for your pet.

There are many common Yorkshire terrier names you can find in dog books or online. This is a good place to get started. However, it is important to understand there aren't any limitations when it comes to the name you choose.

Yorkie names can be anything you would like to have. So you aren't bound to choose one that has been used time and time again. You can be as unique as you would like to be with it.

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If you are really stumped though you can get some help online to find the right name. It seems like it is harder for people to come up with quality Yorkie names for males than for females. With the females it can easily be something cute or even a very pretty name for a girl.

With a male Yorkie dog though you have to strive to come up with something that doesn't sound feminine. Yet you really can't give it a name that seems to be reserved for the bigger breeds of macho dogs either without it appearing to be ridiculous each time you say it.

Some common Yorkie names for males include Ace, Kid, Oscar, and Benji. For females you will often find Bella, Lacy, Juliette, Princess, and Sugar. It can take some time for you to select the right name so give it some time.

You do need your Yorkie dog to learn its name soon but it doesn't have to be the day after you bring it home. Take some time to get to know each other first.

Don't be in a rush to give your Yorkie dog a name as soon as you take it home though. You can wait a few days to see the personality of your Yorkie emerging.

Then you select Yorkie names that reflect their personality. This is a great way to ensure you give a name that fits well with them.

You may want to give it a name based on its personality. For example Happy, Spunky, Twister for one that runs in circles, Hurricane for one who is always on the go, Rowdy, and even Jet if you want something a little more unique but that is still fun an a great fit for any Yorkie dog.

It is also very common for Yorkie names to be chosen based on the size or physical characteristics of the dog.

For example toy Yorkshire terrier names are often chosen to reflect how tiny they are. Some of those names include tiny, baby, buttercup, muffin, and Barbie.


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