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Finding the Best Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale

Choosing Your Yorkie Wisely

leaf How can you find the best Yorkshire terriers puppies for sale?

Shopping for Yorkshire terriers is no different from shopping for anything, and the more you know about puppies that are for sale before you begin your search, the better equipped you will be to find a healthy, intelligent, and friendly one to welcome into your home.

One way to begin your quest for the perfect pup is to look through any Yorkshire terrier magazine at your disposal, and read as much as you can about the charms and quirks of these irrepressible little dogs.

These Magazines are full of articles covering every conceivable Yorkie topic from the best diets to the latest hair trims. It includes lots of great photos, as well as interviews with prominent breeders and veterinarians.

Many Yorkshire terrier magazines will have classified ads offering puppies for sale, and can be great sources for you to find reputable breeders in your area.

You can also turn to the Internet for help in your search, because many breeders now have websites on which they post pictures of the puppies they have available for sale.

Once you've narrowed your search for breeders with puppies for sale down to a few in your area, it's time to ask each of them for referrals from happy customers who have been living with their puppies for a while.

All conscientious Yorkie breeders mate their dogs with care to produce puppies who are as close as possible to the breed standard, so the best ones will have customers with happy, healthy, well-behaved dogs.

Be wary of any puppies for sale from people who are offering them at prices well below what you've been quoted elsewhere, because you just might be dealing with a dog broker who imports his or her Yorkies from South America, and has no idea of the conditions into which the puppies were born.

Always deal with a breeder who is as concerned about finding the best owners for his puppies as you are concerned about finding the best puppy for yourself, and both of you (not to mention the puppy you choose) will end up happy!

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