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Prevent your Baby Yorkie from Eating the Wrong Foods

leaf It is your responsibility to prevent your baby Yorkie from eating the wrong foods. They are very curious so if you leave food out they may go taste it on their own. You need to make sure you aren’t allowing this to happen.

You want your puppy to eat only the right combination of foods. Since their stomachs are so small they don’t consume very much. So it does become a problem if they are filling up on foods that they shouldn’t be eating.

It will prevent them from getting the vitamins and nutrients that they need to be eating. Yorkie puppies don’t grow to be very big, but they won’t grow like they should if you don’t feed them well.

They need to eat premium dog food that is made just for them. Start out with one that is made for these puppies. As your dog gets older you can switch to an adult formula.

You will find there are plenty of options out there when it comes to the correct food. There are soft canned kinds as well as the dry packaged brands. You want to give your puppy dry food as often as you can.

They need it in order to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Giving them the soft dog food can result in some severe dental problems later on. Not only will that make them uncomfortable, it is also going to cost you a large sum of money.

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It is important to only introduce one type of food to your baby dog at a time. Some puppies are prone to allergies due to certain ingredients in the foods.

You need to be able to accurately pinpoint what ingredient or ingredients they need to steer clear of. Your veterinarian can help you with this process so contact them if you think your dog many have some type of allergy.

At the same time you want to limit the amount of dog treats you offer them. This can result in your baby Yorkie not eating meals like it should. Ideally, it should be eating dry food twice a day in small amounts.

Make sure your puppy always has plenty of water available too. It should be cool and fresh and in a location where the pup can easily find it. When you are on the go with your pet make sure you offer water at regular intervals.

Yorkie puppies are very playful but they burn up a considerable amount of energy doing so. This means they need the right amount of food with the right combination of vitamins and nutrients.

Otherwise their overall health can suffer. When a puppy doesn’t get the nutrition that it needs, it can’t grow up to be a very healthy adult.

If you allow your dog to develop poor eating habits from the start you aren’t doing it any favors. It will be more likely to develop serious types of medical problems. Many of these are internal and are well known in the Yorkshire terrier breed.

It is your responsibility to make sure your puppies get everything they need to be as healthy as possible their entire lives. This starts with choosing your dog’s food very carefully.


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