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Raising Yorkies From The Time They Are Puppies Is Very Enjoyable

leaf Yorkies are amazing dogs no matter how old they are when you get them.

Yet nothing is as satisfying as raising Yorkie puppies. You get to see them mature from the very small things they once were into the adult dog they are going to be.

Even then they won’t get very big, but bigger than when they first came home.

A word of advice – make sure you take plenty of pictures of your new puppy when you get it. Your pup will grow very fast and you want to be able to have fun pictures to look back on as time goes by.

You can show them off to your friends as well to those who may not have had the opportunity to see your new dog when it was a puppy.

Each Yorkie puppy that you come across will have its own unique personality. Before you buy one you should spend some time observing their behaviors. This way you can find one with the spirit and temperament that you are after.

You may not realize right now how different they can be but when you have seen several of them you will definitely notice that fact is true.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with an older Yorkshire terrier if that is what you come across. They can still be a great pet which you can enjoy interacting with.

However you will miss out on some of the best years with them that way, and you may also discover some habits that you may not be happy with.

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For example, the previous owner of your new dog may have fed it table food instead of a quality Yorkshire terrier dog food.

First of all this isn’t a healthy diet for your Yorkie to be living on.

Secondly, it is going to be difficult for you to get it used to eating the right types of foods after so long.

Puppies are also more active than older dogs. So if you are looking for a very active playmate you definitely want a puppy. However there can also be some downsides that you need to prepare for.

A good example is that a puppy will need to be potty trained and that can prove to be difficult. An older Yorkshire Terrier will be long past this stage.

There are plenty of locations out there where you can find Yorkie puppies for sale. Due to the many health concerns this breed has, you want to do your best to get one that is of high quality.

Take your time to talk with the breeder or the animal shelter about the history of the parents. You can’t avoid all health concerns this way but you can reduce the risk of them significantly.

You will cherish many fond memories of your Yorkie as it grows from a puppy into an adult. On average they can live about 12-15 years as long as they don’t suffer from any life threatening health concerns.

Being able to nurture your dog from the time it is very young throughout its life is something you will never forget.


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