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Yorkie Puppies are a Great Deal of Fun

leaf Yorkie puppies are a great deal of fun! They are full of life and full of energy. Their small size doesn’t prevent them from having a great time. Since they are very social you need to have some toys that you can use for playing with them.

They will get the exercise they need without you having to force them to. They love to run around and play so let your puppies get active. Carrying them around too much will result in them becoming lazy.

Make sure you have your camera ready too. This way you can get plenty of silly moments captured on film. You will want to have these great memories of your new puppies preserved.

If you give your Yorkie the right foods and keep it active it will remain quite healthy. They do slow down in adulthood but they will still be fun and like to play with you.

Puppy photos are also great to share with your friends and family members. You can send them regular photos or email them digital pictures.

It is a great way to show them just how much fun you are having with your new pet. These photos will definitely bring a smile to their faces.

Of course Yorkie puppies are babies so they do need their rest. Make sure they have plenty of downtime where they can rest. Naps are good for them as they allow their bodies to continue growing. They will likely want to snuggle up beside you while they are sleeping as well. You can also allow them to nap and rest while you are grooming them.

You need to be brushing them each day so start that habit early. They will most likely enjoy it and realize that is time for them to rest and unwind. Silky dog coats are the result of proper brushing as well as the right foods being offered.

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You always want to let your puppies have enough room to run around. They can get into things they shouldn’t though so you have to give your home a good look over first.

Sometimes they can also end up underfoot while you are trying to accomplish household chores. A small kennel may be just what you need to keep them out of the way at such times.

While Yorkie puppies can be great fun, their safety is very important. You don’t want them to be racing around and getting stepped on. You also need to make sure they won’t fall off anything.

These are very small dogs and so they can end up getting very seriously injured from such events. You also need to watch children when they are handling them as the pups move around a great deal. You don’t want your puppies to be accidentally dropped.

You will find that these puppies often spend time playing with each other as well. They love to wrestle and tumble around. You will really have a blast watching them too as they bite on each other’s ears and chase tails around.

It is important to separate them though when you are ready to tape their ears to keep them up. They will sabotage your efforts by tugging at the tapings on each other while they play around.


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