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Fun Accessories you can Buy for your Yorkshire Terrier

leaf There is an array of very fun accessories you can buy for your Yorkshire terrier. Many of them are quite inexpensive so you can get them without putting a dent in your pocketbook.

Others are more expensive though so be prepared for some hefty price tags. It all depends on the style you want though for your Yorkie dog.

These accessories are available for both males and females so it won't matter which sex you own.

Since your Yorkie dog may get colder than other breeds of dogs due to the fine hair why not buy some clothes? They look really adorable on them and you can select from many different styles.

Most of them attach with Velcro so they are simple to slide on and off. You can get simple sweaters and jackets if you don't want to go with a themed outfit as well.

For female Yorkies you can add colorful bows to their heads. You may want to put just one on top.

It is also fashionable to place two smaller bows on the hair above the ears. This is similar to how a little girl would be wearing pigtails. It lets everyone know that your Yorkshire terrier is definitely a girl too.

These bows come in many sizes and colors so you can match them with any outfit you choose. They are also made from a variety of materials.

Jewelry is a fabulous accessory for Yorkies too. There are lovely necklaces that you can drape around their neck. The can be made from beads, with a chain and a design, or even with charms placed on them.

They can be very fun and a great way to reflect upon the personality of your Yorkie. Just be certain that the jewelry doesn't weigh too much or it can cause pain for your Yorkshire terrier.

A collar is often a necessity for any dog to be able to hand the tags showing it is licenses and has been vaccinated.

It is also a good idea to provide your contact information in the event it does get lost or stolen. Yet a collar doesn't have to be just something simple and ordinary. It can be something that really stands out.

For example you can go with one that has small gems around it. This will be quite colorful and a nice addition for any Yorkie.

For a tougher look, a studded collar can complete this. They are most often used for male Yorkshire terriers.

Matched with a leather jacket and hat he is all set to show his attitude. There are plenty of customized collars you can choose from so make sure you take your time to explore in this area before you buy one.

Should you want an example of how these various Yorkshire terrier accessories will look you can search for pictures. Many can be found in catalogs, magazines, books, and online.

These Yorkshire terrier images can help you decide if a certain accessory is right for your pet or not.

Of course you will want to take plenty of your own photos of them wearing such items. Don't be shy though as you are encouraged to share them with everyone else.

For the avid collector, there are lovely Yorkshire terrier figurines to be found as well. They come in a variety of sizes.

You can fill up shelves and tables in your home with them. The delightful expressions and quality details offered on them will really enhance the d├ęcor of any home.

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