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Yorkshire Terrier Breeders: Your Best Puppy Sources

leaf Why do you need to shop for your Yorkie by visiting several breeders?

If you're looking for a Yorkie puppy, you certainly won't run short of places to find one for sale. Your local classifieds or pet store, or even the Internet are all logical places to search for your future pet, but one thing none of them offers is a way for you to check on your prospective puppy's healthy history. An unhealthy puppy can mean significant veterinary bills for years to come!

There are almost certainly highly-regarded toy Yorkshire terrier breeders within a few hours of you, and you can find them by inquiring at your local kennel club or spending a weekend at a dog show and getting input on breeders from the exhibitors.

Why should you make the effort?

Buying your Yorkie from an established breeder will ensure that your puppy is the issue of healthy parents and grandparents, and is the only way you are likely to find a puppy you will be able to show.

But even if you do not have designs on a show ring career for your puppy, a dog from a good breeder will have been raised in a clean, well maintained kennel and been given lots of loving attention from both its dog family and its human caretakers.

What this means is that you'll come home with a puppy well on its way to being socialized, unafraid of human contact, and ready for such challenges as potty training.

You'll also have your puppy's medical records and registration information, a supply of food to make the transition to your home easier, and a written guarantee that, should your Yorkie begin to exhibit some of the genetic defects common to the breed, your veterinary expenses will be, to some extent, be covered.

While you may save money by getting your Yorkie from a rescue group, or a pet store, you won't get feel as confident in your choice as you will by working with a respected breeder. The money you spend now on your puppy can save you both heartache and significant medical bills later on!

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