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Basic Obedience Training Of Yorkshire Terriers Made Easy

Important Obedience Training Tips

All Yorkshire Terrier puppies benefit from basic obedience training.

Unquestioned obedience means you can better get your dog out of dangers that he doesn't see nor understand.

If he's running towards the road and does not see the car coming, your command of "COME!" or "DOWN!" may well save his life if he obeys.

He doesn't have to like it but must respond.

There are several things that keep your dog eager to learn, and they are never too young! From the time they're 8-10 weeks old puppies can be learning the basics.

They ARE learning, whether good or bad they are learning.

Stay ahead of the curve and make sure they're learning things you want them to learn! Keep the learning fun and positive and your puppy is much more likely to repeat the behaviors you want.

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Your Yorkshire Terrier puppy is just SO cute and you don't want to 'hurt her feelings' so she does what she wants.

Within a couple of months you have an aggressive, out of control monster.

What happened to your cute puppy? If you haven't taught balance then the answer is your lack of training happened.

All new puppies love to learn things if given a chance.

Without leadership she will try to fill the role, and she's not qualified for the job.

You must have ground rules.

Smile and call "puppy COME!"- you're happy and waving a favorite toy so she bounds over to play.

Praise her, happy face and "GOOD GIRL".

Give the toy so she associates "come" with praise and a toy and playing with you! After a few times give a small bite of a treat.

She bounds over, gets praise and a treat now! Her little puppy brain is processing "come = goodies and fun things" and she WANTS to come when called to see what you have! Dogs naturally love to please and seek to repeat that.

While training, it is VERY important that you never call your puppy to you to punish him.

You must praise him when he comes.

Remember that like all dogs teacup Yorkies are very much in the moment.

He’s having a great time digging in the yard and hears "COME!". He runs to you and instead of praise he hears "BAD DOG!" and gets a swat - then he's confused because you're saying coming to you is bad.

He's forgotten the digging! If your puppy is getting in to something he shouldn’t be, use a noise distraction or "NO!".

Even better - "NO! COME!" and when he answers praise him.

Training can be fun.

Learning to walk on a leash, sit, down, come, and 'no!' should all be a part of your dog’s understanding.

Once he learns to come, practice having him sit before he gets the toy or treat.

This does two things - it gives him one more skill and at the same time it prevents him from being one of those little dogs that runs up and jumps all over you.

If he learns proper behavior is to come up and sit to wait politely it changes a dog's behavior so much they are welcome in many places that less well behaved pets aren't.

Puppies can learn these commands at a very young age.

"No!" is quick to use when he's getting into something - or alternately a harsh sound.

For the persistent offender, a set of keys or something that makes a noise can be tossed nearby the dog (not to hit him!).

Having manners and basic obedience is a gift your new dog will benefit from time and time again.

Many have the view Yorkshire Terrier puppies and other small dogs are canine brats and many are! Proper obedience training can be a great way to not only show you and your small pup in a good way but also represent the breed in a good way.

Some estimates show over 95% of dogs are given up to shelters because of training issues.

These things are an easy way to insure your new puppy never becomes such a statistic.

If you've done your job well you have a pet that comes and sits politely walks on a leash and is learning patience.

This is the biggest gift of time you can give him.

I will be back with some more tips soon.

All the best.


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