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Yorkshire Terrier Grooming Tips - Beyond Brushes and Bathtubs

leaf If you have a new pup in the house and need some dog grooming tips, the first tip you need to know is that grooming your dog doesn't begin with the brush or the bathtub.

It begins with the food dish! One of the most important bits of information on these pups you can have is information on how to feed your dog so that his or her coat achieves the shiny, silky texture which is one of the breed's most appealing characteristics.

All dog grooming tips in the world will mean nothing unless your dog's coat is in tip-top shape, so ask your dog's breeder or your vet about any extra vitamins your can add to doggie's diet to improve its coat.

While you're getting doggie's hair into condition, however, you'll still be faced with daily grooming sessions unless you decide to look for one of the dog hair styles which simply trim the hair to a much shorter length.

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While knowing how to groom pup doesn't require an advanced degree in veterinary science, it does require a daily commitment and the right sort of brush.

The most basic dog grooming tip is that you must brush your pet daily, with a brush designed to hold the loose hair instead of allowing it to fall onto you or the dog's surroundings.

Although your pup lacks the undercoat which causes shedding in so many other breeds of dog, its long hair will become impossibly tangled without daily brushing. Another of the important dog grooming tips is that when you bathe your dog, in a sink you will have to watch that loose hair doesn't end up clogging the drain.

Your daily grooming sessions should be supplemented by visits to a professional groomer, during this time your pup can be treated to one of the latest dog hairstyles, a toenail trim, and an ear hair clipping.

As indelicate as it may sound, a professional groomer will also carefully trim the hair on your doggies' back end, for reasons which are obvious. Now you have all the basic dog grooming tips!

All the best.