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All about Yorkie rescues? What you need to know about Yorkshire Terrier rescues.

leaf A Yorkie Rescue is a place where abandoned Yorkshire Terriers may be available. They may be older dogs or they may be puppies.

This can be a great place to get your hands on one without paying a fortune for it. However, there are some things you need to know before you go out there looking for one.

With older Yorkshire terrier dogs, you need to understand that they have already been exposed to a great deal. They may have been mistreated where they were so they may have trust issues.

They may have habits you aren't going to like but that are part of their behavior.

Of course not all older Yorkshire terrier dogs at a Yorkie rescue were neglected. Many of them may be quite spoiled.

Their owner may have had to relocate, have medical concerns, or have to give them up for various reasons. They turned to the rescue in the hopes that they will be adopted by a loving and caring family.

You definitely want to make sure these older dogs don't have ongoing health concerns when you buy them though. This can quickly become a financial burden that your budget isn't ready for.

Ask for a complete medical evaluation before you make any final decisions.

Yorkshire terrier puppies are extremely cute. They can be found at a Yorkie rescue for an array of reasons as well. Not everyone is breeding them to make money.

Therefore they want to make sure the puppies can find a good home. With the cost of Yorkie puppy food, supplying it for a litter can be hard on the owner of the mother as the puppies are weaned.

It is important that you do your homework on the care and the diet of a Yorkshire terrier before you agree to take one home from the rescue. Not all homes are a good match for this type of dog.

Most of the Yorkshire Terriers you will find at this Yorkie rescue centers have been spayed or neutered. This is done to help control the population of stray dogs out there.

Make sure you take the time to evaluate the Yorkie rescue as well. You want to make sure the organization is in place to offer a great environment for these dogs until they can be adopted.

They should have an application process that each person is required to complete. This way a full evaluation can be made before the animals are placed with a family. Yorkie rescues can be located online if you aren't familiar with one locally.

The fees that are charged to adopt a Yorkshire terrier need to be reasonable. They should cover the cost of shots, being spayed or neutered, food, and even accommodations in many cases.

However, these fees should not be high like when you attempt to buy one from a breeder. The Yorkie rescue does need to assess fees to help cover their expenses though. This allows them to continue offering quality care for those dogs that come to them until they can be placed with a good home.

Before buying a Yorkshire terrier from a Yorkie rescue, make sure you take your time to evaluate the situation. You want to have a loving companion that you are happy to see each day.

You need to make sure you are fully committed to meeting their ongoing needs as well. They require a great deal of attention as well as special food to help them stay healthy. If you aren't willing to provide them with the care they need then do them a favor and leave them for someone else to adopt.

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