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Yorkie Puppies - Finding Your Bundle of Joy

Yorkie Puppies - Picking the Perfect Yorkshire Terrier

leaf The Yorkshire terrier breed has seen an amazing surge in popularity over the past decade, and given the adorable Yorkie photos which crop up following any Google search under "Yorkshire puppies", it's not difficult to understand why.

But before you lose your heart to a few Yorkie pictures and run straight to the nearest Yorkie breeder to choose a puppy, you should take the time to learn how to find the best Yorkshire puppy you possible can.

Like all terriers, the Yorkshire terrier is bred for hardiness, but after generations of purebreeding, some Yorkie puppies may be susceptible to behavioral or health problems.

You can greatly decrease your odds of choosing a less than perfect puppy with a few simple precautions.

Before you begin a search for your Yorkie puppy, do a search on the Yorkie breeders in your area.

Consider only those Yorkie breeders who can provide referrals from other customers who will vouch for his or her qualifications, and if you experience any red flags at all when speaking to a breeder, do not be swayed by and of the adorable Yorkie pictures used to advertise that breeder's dogs. Why?

Every respectable Yorkie breeder will know exactly what the breed standard is, and will breed his or her dogs so that they have the best chances of meeting that standard.

It's not enough that Yorkshire puppies from a breeder are registered; good breeders will have selected each puppy's parents so that their offspring will inherit as few undesirable health or behavioral characteristics as possible. Carefully selecting your breeder will maximize your chances of getting a manageable and healthy dog.

Good Yorkie breeders will also keep their Yorkie puppies with their mothers for at least three months.

If you're swept away by Yorkie photos of eight-week-old puppies and the breeder starts pressuring you to buy one because “ they won't last,” you're dealing with a breeder who has neither the dog's, nor your, best interests at heart.

Finally, only work with Yorkie breeders who will offer written guarantees that their puppies are healthy.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with a Yorkie who survives for less than a year. Always provide the best Yorkie puppy food. And remember, the best breeders breed for quality, and not quantity, so you may have to get on a waiting list to ensure that your Yorkie puppy is everything you hope it will be!

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