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Discover Quick & Easy Yorkie Grooming Tips

Grooming Is So Easy When You Know How!

One of the things that captures this little pup fanciers is their beautiful coat.

Although this is the hallmark trait of the breed it does mean that the pup owner must be a little more involved than the average owner.

Regular basic grooming is needed to keep the dogs in good condition.

Ask your little dog Breeder to show you basic grooming if you're unsure.

These pups can be taught from a young age basic handling for grooming tasks.

The coat should be kept free of debris, mats and tangles.

A thorough brushing in the evening while you're watching television allows some time with your pup and hands on evaluation of their condition, not only of skin and coat but also of their weight and checking his ears.

They have a single coat, unlike the double coat of breeds like the Husky.

This allows the hair to lay flat like human hair.

Because of the difference in ph balance between dogs and humans, using a good quality dog shampoo is a better idea than human shampoo.

When you give your pup a bath be sure to thoroughly rinse all the excess out after shampooing and conditioning - not doing so can mean irritation to your pup's skin.

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Gently brush the hair out as it dries.

If you keep a small spray bottle with a light mixture of conditioner and water it will help with daily grooming and break less of the hair off while grooming.

As these pups of today are usually inside dogs. Having a clean dog makes for a much more pleasant household.

In choosing from these little puppies you have chosen a breed known for his coat.

They are bred for it, developed for it and genetically "wired" to grow hair.

This means more upkeep than a slick coated dog, but doesn't have to be impossible.

You may need to wash daily the area hit when a male urinates but other than that they can get by with periodic bathing.

Two important tools are a good quality pin brush and a comb that gets down into the base of the coat.

Use the brush first then comb through to remove mats and tangles then follow with the comb, which can catch much that the brush missed.

These mats and tangles must be removed as they become uncomfortable and if left make for an unhappy and uncomfortable pup.

Gently remove any debris that forms around your pup's eyes.

Remove the hair around the anus and excess hair in the feet that can build up between the pads and toes.

These dogs should have toenails trimmed from early on, even if snipping just the end.

Gently trim the end 1/3 of the ears which removes hair that can weigh down the ear otherwise.

The hair on the pup's head is typically combed together and secured in a pony tail.

If you bathe your pup at home keep your hands on him, they can jump off very fast and with their small size this can mean injuries that include broken bones.

Have your shampoo, conditioner and towel all together and within reach.

Use caution when blow drying your dog and keep the heat down - excess heat can not only damage the coat but can burn your pup's sensitive skin.

If you use a towel gently squeeze the hair - don't rub which can tangle the coat.

If you aren't showing your dog you may wish to remove the hair on the inside of the legs and behind the elbows or even to trim your pet in a 'puppy cut' or 'schnauzer cut' which removes much of the long belly hair the breed is noted for but makes your daily upkeep less.

Caring for the coat is a big part of choosing dogs and it takes but a few minutes on a regular basis to keep your pup in good condition.

Positive interaction with your pup on a daily basis means he gets your undivided attention for the time you are grooming him.

They should be taught from early on to accept the extra handling he'll need as an adult.

Its coat does take some maintenance and even if you take your dog to a professional groomer you still need to maintain the coat in between appointments.

If you choose to try grooming yourself remember it's just hair and will grow back if you cut too much off!

I will be back with some more tips soon.

All the best.


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