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Choosing A Vet For Your Yorkshire Terrier - What You Need To Know

Steps you need to follow!

From the desk of Sharda Baker

A good veterinarian listens, speaks and asks questions.

When your little pup is entrusted to this professional it is the one who can literally hold his life in the balance.

Having a skilled veterinarian is important but not only that, he should be the one that listens also.

Most owners can get rattled when their pet is sick - but your veterinarian's job is to ask the questions needed to get a diagnosis.

Open communication and compassion for little pup are important characteristics also.

Ask the breeders if they are familiar with a good veterinarian.

One recommended often will have experience dealing with health issues involving these small types of dogs and other small dogs, something that hopefully will never be important to you but if it arises you will be thankful to have a veterinarian to deal with it with experience and compassion.

A veterinarian that projects the attitude that Dogs have owners who are simply checkbooks is hard to give faith to.

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Some veterinarians also train for holistic methods and are open to the use of herbs, acupuncture, massage and other "alternative" treatments rather than using the solution of reaching for a shot or a pill.

How much medication and chemicals are you comfortable with your pet consuming? If you are interested in limiting exposure to this will your veterinarian be agreeable to it? If there is a problem that can cause conflict, for both parties and especially your pup requires finding another veterinarian.

If you selected from small dog breeders that use holistic methods this might be a big factor for you.

There is medication for obese dogs, anxious dogs and other things that are human perceptions projected onto the dog or human caused issues.

If your pet is getting overweight limit his feed and walk another five minutes per day! While you want to rule out a medical issue don't assume a shot will solve the problem.

Pills and surgery isn't a good solution for training problems - time and learning to change things for your dog is.

Veterinarian feedback on feeding and other issues is easier to take when for the good of the dog and without trying to sell you something.

As a human of course veterinarians have their beliefs and preferences as to pet care as well as training to diagnose and find the best solution to your pet's problem.

Finding a vet that balances the best choice of action and where possible a couple of other possible solutions is ideal.

Like any professional not all veterinarians will know everything and some cases may go against what they've seen before.

Your pet's well-being depends on someone who says "I don't know - let's find out!" rather than a shrug and minimal action.

If you entered a veterinarian's office and your reserved pup is taken from you, a slip collar put on and snubbed to a wall on a stainless steel footing where she struggles in fear for her life and no one is allowed to comfort her "for liability reasons" you'd be within reason to never return to that vet.

Few would be comfortable leaving their Pet Dogs with someone like this.

There are also veterinarians who take the dog into another room because the dog's owner is anxious and transfers that emotion to the dog who then acts out.

With having selected from quality small dog breeders you owe your pup a quality vet for medical care also.

A clean, well run facility with compassionate animal loving employees is hard to beat.

A safe waiting room is appreciated by all - some large dogs don't like small animals and many dogs as well as cats are intimidated by large dogs.

A safe and efficient way to handle the traffic is important.

An experienced veterinarian can mean the difference between life and death when time is precious and immediate action is needed.

Unfortunately, as much as they try not all cases are something a vet can fix and when a pup is lost a good clinic can really shine in handling the situation well.

There is a different reaction from pet lovers than from people that it's "just a job."

As the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier your pups rely on you to make decisions that help him live healthy and happy.

Your pet likely will not see your vet unless injured or ill, and at that point your choice is extremely important to the recovery of your pet.

Choose your veterinarian wisely - your pet's life may depend on it.

Hope you found that helpful.

All the best.


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