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Choosing The Right Foods for your Yorkie

leaf The foods you feed your Yorkie is extremely important. They can become very seriously ill if you give them foods that aren’t really good for them.

Many individuals love to spoil their Yorkie so they give them bits of their human foods. The problem though is that many of them are high in fat.

Avoid giving them table scraps, chocolate, and other items that you would eat yourself.

The right Yorkie puppy food is important because that is how it will get the nourishment to grow. You want your Yorkie to be as healthy as possible.

Since baby Yorkies are so active they will burn a great deal of energy each day. The right type of Yorkie puppy food is going to ensure they have the nutritional values they need to be healthy as well as happy.

There are serious health concerns that can develop when you don’t feed your Yorkie puppy food. For example they can develop hypoglycemia which this breed of dog is prone to developing anyway.

Therefore you don’t want to increase the risk of it by neglecting their dietary needs.

You will find that a Yorkie doesn’t consume very much food at all. This means what you do offer needs to be what it needs nutritionally. If you spoil baby yorkies with foods that aren’t good for them they may not take well to what they should eat.

From the start you need to offer them premium dry dog food. It isn’t a good idea to feed them soft dog food as it will ruin their teeth. They will become weak and then fall out. Some vets find it acceptable to mix soft and dry dog food together though to ensure their teeth remain healthy.

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They need to eat two or three times a day due to the fact they don’t eat much at one time. If possible feed your Yorkie at the same times each day. This will help their body to regulate digestion.

If this isn’t possible then do your best to ensure they have food available when they are hungry. Most Yorkies don’t consume much water but you need to make sure it is accessible when they do get thirsty. They need to stay hydrated or they can become seriously ill.

When changing your Yorkies food you need to pay close attention to how it responds. Only introduce one new food at a time. This way you can look for signs that your Yorkie has a food allergy.

This will generally be to specific ingredients found in the foods. You will need to narrow down what it is that your dog is allergic to so you can provide foods that don’t contain it.

Some individuals make their Yorkies food at home. There are many great recipes out there for this. It is a great way to ensure you know exactly what is in the food your pet gets.

Due to the scare with packaged dog food a couple of years ago more people have turned to this alternative as a precaution.

Your veterinarian can help you to select the right combination of foods for your Yorkie. This is a very important part of properly caring for your pet. You can help prevent a variety of different health concerns for it if you pay close attention to the diet from a very young age.

Keep in mind that as your Yorkie ages the type of food you offer as well as the volume of it will need to change. Your vet can help you with this as well so that you are always on target.


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