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Evaluating Yorkshire Terrier Breeders

leaf There are quite a few different Yorkshire terrier breeders out there due to the demands for these puppies. However, it is very important for you to realize that not all of them are of the same quality. They want you to assume that they are but that isn’t the case at all.

From a website review it can be difficult to tell what is going on behind the scenes. Therefore it is important to make sure you learn all you can about the various breeders out there.

The length of time that a Yorkie breeder has been around says a great deal about them. This is because the more they have been around the more likely it is that people are happy with the puppies they get from that breeder.

If they belong to various dog associations as a member that says a lot about them too.

There are very strict guidelines that a Yorkshire terrier breeder has to meet before they will be accepted. The specifics of them vary so you would need to view the various association websites to get those guidelines.

You can enter the name of a Yorkie breeder on those sites to see if they are a member or not. It is best to verify that information rather than just taking their word for it.

It is also advisable to meet the various breeders in person. This way you can learn a great deal about them. You can see how they take care of the dogs that they are breeding.

While their website likely answers many questions you need to ask detailed ones as well. Ask to see where the dogs live so you can get an idea of whether their needs are being met or not.

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From talking to a good breeder you should get the impression that they love the dogs. They should be very passionate about what they are involved with.

If they are rushing you to buy a puppy or they are hesitant to answer your questions then it should be a red flag that they may not be the best place for you to purchase your new puppy from.

It is important to also find out how often they are breeding their females. They shouldn’t be having puppies more than twice a year. This is due to the high risk of medical complications for them.

Since they generally only have two or three puppies per litter it is likely that Yorkie breeders will have many adult dogs on hand that they use for the process.

The top breeders aren’t afraid to put what they offer in writing either. They strive to make their customers as comfortable with the process as they can. They know it is a big chunk of money that they are spending on the purchase of a puppy.

A quality breeder will provide you with a written warranty for various types of problems that could occur.

This way you can exchange the puppy or get your money back should your pup experience a particular problem during a specific period of time. If the breeder won’t commit to the warranty they offer in writing then you want to stay clear of them.

You don’t want to get yourself involved with a supposed warranty which you can’t make good on when you attempt to do so.


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